The divestiture market for mid-sized companies can lack liquidity and transparency. As a result, the proceeds of a business sale are highly variable depending upon the process used. This highlights the importance of engaging an M&A firm with an active, aggressive sale process and a track record of successful execution. We are not brokers; we work solely for our client’s interests.

Our partners have many years of experience with business divestitures, and we employ our own version of the controlled auction process. Our process uses highly active yet discrete marketing in order to create a dynamic market for your sale. We have a strong network of contacts and will aggressively market your sale with thorough marketing documents, buyer research, targeted buyer contact and innovative purchase structures. Our superior process is proven to realize higher proceeds over a quicker timeframe for our clients.

MAC Capital Services (P) Ltd starts each divestiture mandate by developing a detailed strategy which considers the timing and form of the sale process. Valuation analysis determines the value to prospective buyers and allows us to suggest ways of optimizing value. The sale process itself includes the preparation of marketing documents, contacting buyers, facilitating buyer/seller information flow, creating a competitive tension, screening buyers, creating innovative purchase structures, negotiating and closing the deal.