International Debt Solutions

"Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world" - Albert Einstein

MAC Capital specializes in syndicating high value placements of corporate debt among international banks and specialized lenders.

Our value proposition stems as much from the ticket sizes of private placement debt we handle as in our ability to match such debt transactions with the right lenders on competitive terms and in a time-bound fashion.

Our placement specialists are in continuous contact with senior credit officers at major banks, hedge funds and other specialized financial institutions. This enables us to understand the changing lending preferences and risk tolerances of each institution and the strategic makeup of their portfolios from time to time. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our lender’s capital appetite, risk profile, structural requirements, credit process, turnaround capabilities and likelihood of delivery. This knowledge is integral to matching clients with appropriate lenders. Our strong deal flow and solid record of accomplishment further enhances the firm’s credibility among lenders, often opening doors for new clients.

The MAC Capital debt product offering includes:

  • M&A financing
  • Fully underwritten senior, subordinate and mezzanine loans
  • Mezzanine / Subordinated Debt
  • Promoter Funding including financing against security of shares
  • Structured Debt
  • Refinancing of high cost debt
  • Project debt syndication